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BMV property sales comparison service launched

Panel members are alerted and have the option to offer the seller their best Below Market Value (BMV) offer enabling the seller to select the best one that suits their particular needs.

In effect seller would be auctioning their property to the highest bidder to realise a higher BMV rate for their property when sold.

Amanda Thorne, from EstateAgencyFeesDirect.com’s Business Development sector said: "In the current economic climate one of the many casualties is slow house sales and lenders not having the appetite to remortgage all properties. Many homeowners and property landlords are left searching for alternative ways to sell their homes and properties quickly.

"There are many different reasons why they may need to sell their properties fast. It could be to prevent a repossession, an impending bankruptcy, prevent breaking a chain of house sellers, probate properties, divorce settlement, even looking for a sale and rent back solution or an equity-release solution.

"There is no other online resource available for comparing these offers and many sellers often go with the quickest solution or the first company they approach; with this not always being the best offer they could receive.

"Originally a few companies had the market cornered and would offer 70% BMV for a property. Using our unique and free service they could actually find a better offer of around 90% Below Market Value (BMV) if they are prepared to shop around."

Although there is no-obligation using the site, as with any property transaction of this type, sellers are advised to seek independent financial legal advice. Any quotes generated via the site are subject to written agreement between all parties.

Recent statistics indicate that there are increasingly more debt-saddled homeowners and landlords in the UK. The amount of people seeking to sell their homes and properties through these companies has risen dramatically in the last year. Being able to secure the best deal to limit any losses is now more important than ever.

Buy-to-let investors who would have normally used estate agents to find suitable properties are turning to quick property sale companies seeking below market value bargains.

By avoiding estate agents altogether they can negotiate a better deal for themselves and the seller too, it is claimed.

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