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Attract premium offers with property makeover

"The first thing potential buyers will see is the exterior so make sure all the paint work is clean and the front garden is tidy. An overgrown lawn does not give a sense that your property has been well cared for and looked after.

"Equally, it’s essential people aren’t hit with a wall of clutter as they enter your house, so tidy away anything that isn’t pretty or useful. Remember, you need the buyers to be able to imagine themselves in your house and their tastes may differ greatly from your own so try to make the house as plain as possible whilst still ensuring it has a homely feel.

"Tatty homes will put off prospective purchasers so it’s worth spending a little bit of money giving walls a fresh coat of paint. Don’t go overboard though as most people will want to re-decorate themselves as soon as they move in, so set a budget and stick to it.

"Threadbare carpets are seriously unattractive so think about replacing any that have seen better days. If you’re worried about cost, then don’t be as there’s no need to spend a fortune. Again, keep them neutral so you’re not inflicting your personal preferences on others.

"Finally, although you may adore your children and pets, others may not feel the same way about them so it’s always a good idea to see whether a friend or neighbour can look after them during viewings.

"Also, put away all of their paraphernalia as you don’t want anyone tripping over a dog basket or slipping on a toy car."

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