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Property sellers must get real about pricing

GetAnOffer founder Simon Taylor said: "Prices are continuing to fall and sellers must be realistic. Reduced asking prices and a little negotiation are the only way to find success on the market."

The firm claims not to be an alternative to estate agents – instead sellers are provided with additional exposure to active, serious buyers drawn to the site in search of discounts. These buyers may well not be registered with estate agents.

"We only advise sellers to go between 5%-15% under the current asking price to achieve sales. It might still sound like a lot, but right now homes are depreciating assets, so selling now at 15% will save you from making even bigger losses.

"Our service benefits buyers just as much as sellers. The realistic valuations and the ability to purchase at a discount put many more properties within the reach of first-time buyers, who typically need to find 30-40% deposits for their mortgage.

"Buying below market value neatly translates into smaller deposits, smaller mortgages and lower monthly payments."

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