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Rental house swaps – positive solution to negative equity

The website provides the ideal platform for the independently-minded homeowner who does not have time to waste, by cutting out the middleman and bartering for a swift deal.

"Land Registry figures show that while almost 30,000 houses are still being sold each month, there is currently nearly a six-month delay for people who go via estate agents," said Richard O’Driscoll of www.EasyHouseExchange.com.

"You wouldn’t wait that long to sell your car, so why wait that long for the biggest sale of your life?”

Now, for people who want to relocate but are struggling to sell, www.EasyHouseExchange.com puts them in touch with other people to arrange rental swaps.

"Even in the current climate a lot of people need to move locations quickly, but don’t want to sell and lose out on the value of their property. Rental house swaps allow them to hold on to their homes, move to their desired location – and maybe even make a bit of money at the same time," O’Driscoll said.

"Estate agents and property chains just don’t fit with the times anymore. People are fed up with failing systems and they want to take back control of their own equity. They want independence.

"What we offer is an online space for intelligent, pro-active homeowners to take matters into their own hands.

"If someone wants to swap homes permanently, or simply on a temporary basis, we give them the platform to negotiate a deal."

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