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Group calls for EPC’s on property sales particulars before issue

Some estate agents are ignoring their legal duty to ensure a valid EPC is available when properties are listed for sale. Even those that are procuring EPCs are, in the majority of cases, ignoring the existing requirement to include the EPC graph in the sales particulars once the EPC is available.

Surveys by PEPA members suggest that non-compliance with the requirement to procure an EPC is now over 30% and rising and the EPC graph is shown on only a third of Sales Particulars.

As a result, EPCs are not being seen by prospective home buyers and energy efficiency is simply being pushed off the agenda when it comes to the purchasing decision. This undermines the Coalition Government’s policies on reducing energy waste.

By including EPC graphs on all Sales Particulars before they can be issued, the problem of non-compliance will be addressed and prospective buyers will be aware of the energy rating of a home and the potential for improving it. This would not stop so called ‘first day marketing’ of properties, but it would level up the playing field so that those agents that do abide by the regulations will not be at a perceived disadvantage when competing for a listing.

Brian Scannell, Chairman of PEPA said:

‘The potential benefits of improving the energy efficiency of our homes are widely acknowledged. Reducing energy waste saves money, reduces energy demand and cuts carbon emissions. It is therefore hugely disappointing that we seem to be going backwards in providing consumers with the information they need about energy efficiency. A simple amendment to the regulations to require that the EPC graph is shown on all Sales Particulars before they are issued addresses non-compliance simply and efficiently without impairing the marketing of homes for sale.’

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