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Gone in 60 minutes – £1.65m house sells in hour

Barton Wyatt sales manager Oliver Clarke said this was an unprecedented move that took the owner by surprise.

"I showed the prospective buyer around the penthouse on a beautiful winter’s day in February when the country was covered in a blanket of thick snow.

"We spent a good hour looking over the luxury property which was on the market for £1,650,000 before heading outside where we met the owners returning from a walk. The purchaser asked to see the garage in which we sheltered from the snow. The prospective purchaser then made the owner an offer there and then in the garage to exchange by the close of play that day telling them that he had bought his last house in just three hours and that if his offer was acceptable, he would instruct his solicitor to do the same this time.

"Due to the snow we had to wait until 1pm the following day to exchange, but exactly 24 hours after the prospective buyer had seen the property for the very first time, we exchanged contracts. After three months of raising enquiries, it just goes to show that with the right property and the right buyer, a home can sell very quickly indeed – leaving the owner slightly bemused but very pleasantly surprised by what could take place in just 24 hours!"

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