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How elderly movers can make a smooth home move

reallymoving.com, suggests the following tips:

Arrange for removals company to pack for you

Packing can be backbreaking work, so to make life easier in the run up to your move, it is worth asking removals companies to quote for packing and unpacking as well as actual removals. This will cost a little more, but it will be money well spent.

Take the chance to have a spring clean

Many people will be downsizing from a family home to a smaller, more manageable property or even a residential care home. It is therefore important to take the opportunity to sort through possessions and keep items which are useful or of sentimental value. Storage may be required for larger items which the elderly mover would like to keep.

Consider a car boot sale or charity shop donation

Car boot sales and garage sales can be a great way of decluttering and perhaps making a bit of money on the side. Older home movers may find they have antiques or vintage items they no longer want. Valuations from reputable companies could earn some cash.

Keep in touch with old neighbours and friends

It is important to make sure all friends and neighbours have a forwarding address and new contact telephone number, to avoid losing touch. This should help elderly movers adjust to their new home more easily, with as much support as possible from those friends and family they have around them. It may be a good idea to visit old neighbours and leave a printed moving card.

Fit any necessary mobility aids before you move

If mobility aids, such as handrails, stair lifts or wheelchair ramps are required, it is essential that these are fitted in advance of moving day, to make the transition as easy as possible. Adjustments like these can be made as soon as the property purchase has completed, but usually only take a day or so.

Set up the phone, internet and acquire a TV Licence immediately

Make it a priority to set up communication channels such as a landline and internet immediately, to ensure elderly home movers don’t feel isolated. Being able to keep in touch with family and friends will be essential, particularly in the first few weeks.

Put together a Moving Day Essentials pack

A pack containing essentials such as fresh milk, teabags, bread and biscuits will help ensure a comfortable move and make the new property seem more like home right from the start. Make sure the new home has heating and pack an emergency heater just in case.

Meet the neighbours

The vast majority of people are delighted to meet to a new neighbour and welcome them to the street, so new residents should introduce themselves as soon as they get the chance. This can be a great way to settle in and feel more at home in a new area, and start building a new local support network.

Invite friends and family over

Consider helping make the new place a home from home by inviting family, friends and neighbours over for a drink. This may be the first move for many years and it can be a difficult process for many elderly movers, but a small housewarming party could help it become a positive experience.

Involve elderly people in family move

If you are a family moving with an elderly relative, make sure their views and feelings don’t get forgotten in the stress and commotion of moving day. They may be concerned about the safety of their possessions or reluctant to leave familiar surroundings behind. Involving these family members in the decision-making will help them feel more assured about moving.

Rosemary Rogers, Director, reallymoving.com comments:

“Elderly home movers are often downsizing to a smaller property after living for many years in a family home, which can be a difficult and emotional process. However, by making sure they get the support they need from family and friends, and making use of extra packing and unpacking services to save hard work on the day, older people can ensure that moving home later in life is a positive experience."

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