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Don’t leave your home out in the cold this Christmas

Holiday greetings

Find out who your estate agent contact is over the Christmas period, who will be arranging viewings as well following them up. Let your estate agent know in advance when you will be able to accommodate viewings, taking into consideration any guests you may have staying and parties you plan on hosting. If you are unable to dedicate the necessary time to ensuring your home is presentable over the Christmas period, suggest an open day in the New Year.

All in good taste

It’s important to remember that a 20ft motion reindeer or lights to rival Blackpool’s may not be to everyone’s taste. To avoid offending prospective buyers steer clear of decorations this year, or else keep them to a minimum. Buying a small tree with wrapped presents hidden from view and refraining from hanging decorations from walls and ceilings, will help make rooms look less cluttered and larger.

Dreaming of a white Christmas

If this Christmas brings snow, you’ll need to make sure that paths and driveways are gritted, allowing easy access and preventing visitors from falling on ice. A build-up of moss and leaves in guttering could also cause them to overflow during rainy spells. Make sure these are cleared to prevent unsightly dripping.

It’s cold outside

Counteract the winter chill with a warm and inviting home but make sure rooms are well ventilated. As well as preventing rooms from becoming stuffy and banishing lingering smells, this will also help prevent condensation around doors, windows and external walls which could concern buyers. Rooms should also be well lit, enhancing key features.

Christmas Cheer

If you do receive an offer before the New Year, consider whether you are prepared to accept a lower price in order to secure a quick sale. Remember that your estate agent is there to provide help and advice.

Steve Lees, Head of Marketing at Email4Property.co.uk, comments:

“Christmas can bring with it a number of distractions for sellers, so it’s important that you continue to view your home objectively. What may seem a small consideration, such as whether or not to buy a real or artificial tree, could have a significant impact on the buyer’s overall impression.”

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