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Keep Safe and sound on moving day

Start Early
Start early in the day to give yourself the best chance of being in your new home by dark, especially in Winter, when the days are shorter.
Don’t unload onto the pavement
When unloading your belongings, take them straight into the house. Don’t unload onto the pavement or front garden, leaving items in sight for opportunistic thieves.
Replace locks as soon as possible
Check that you have all the right keys for your new home, and that the previous owner hasn’t left a set under the doormat or with a neighbour!! You should think about arranging for a locksmith to change the locks on the front door at least, especially if the house has previously been rented.
Check your insurance policy
A reputable removals firm will be insured for your belongings in transit, but not when they are in your new house, so make sure your contents and buildings insurance will be valid at your new address before you move.
Secure the garden and garage
The front door is not the only way to access your property! Burglars will look for weak points such as garden gates, garages or gaps in fences so make sure you check that they are all secure and locked.
Get to know your neighbours
Introduce yourself to your new neighbours as soon as you can after moving in. If they know you and your family, they will be more likely to notice anything untoward or suspicious.
Hang Curtains
You should hang curtains in your new home as soon as you can to help keep prying eyes out. Curtains will keep your valuables out of sight.
Check your burglar alarm
Burglar alarms are one of the most effective ways of making a home more secure. Check that you have the code to operate any alarm at your new property, and reset it as soon as possible with a new combination.
Install outside lighting
Motion-sensitive security lights are another highly effective security feature. Install lights at both the front and rear of the house.
Rosemary Rogers, Director, reallymoving.com comments:
“Moving home is an exciting time, but it is also when your belongings could be at their most vulnerable. Taking just a few sensible security precautions prior to moving and on the day will make sure that you and your possessions are safe and sound from the start.”

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    If you want your move to be a safe and hassle free move then you need to hire a professional moving company. Hiring a professional mover is only the way to move safe.

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