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Summer selling tips to attract a buyer to your home

Commercial director Nick Salmon said: “While we may be in the middle of the selling season, and seeing more properties coming onto the market, consumer confidence among buyers is   fragile – particularly in view of very low levels of mortgage lending.
“However, there are buyers out there, and sellers can adhere to some simple but highly effective tips to warm up their chances of a summer sale.”
Top Tips:
–      Ensure that windows are sparkling clean both inside and out. Draw curtains well back so that buyers can take in the views of your carefully tended garden.
–      Show off every room to it full potential and original purpose. Although you may be using the dining room as a playroom, clear away the toys and set the table to show how many people can be seated. Likewise, temporarily move the filing and home office equipment out of the spare room.
–      Let the fresh air in – musty-smelling rooms will have potential buyers running back to the front door. Summer allows you to open window without fear of making the house feel chilly.
–      Lighten up rooms that don’t benefit from natural light by adding table lamps, and also ensure that light switches are wiped clean.
–      De-clutter. Firstly, make the entrance hall inviting by removing coats and shoes and turn your attentions to the rest of the home – clearing away any unnecessary clutter. Likewise, ensure the carpet is clutter-free to give the whole home a feeling of space.
–      Keep your lawn in order. Summer-dried brown patches ruin the effect of a pretty garden, so keep your grass as green as possible. If you cannot avoid the problem, some strategically placed garden furniture may help! Regularly water summer containers and baskets to prolong their blooms.
–      Pet hates. Although your cat or dog may be the cutest thing ever, dishes of pet food or whiffy pet beds can be a complete turn off (particularly if the new owner doesn’t have pets of their own) so ensure bowls are clean and /or put out of sight. Some people are very nervous of dogs of any size, so it’s best to get your partner or neighbour to take the animal for a walk while the viewing takes place.

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