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Top tips for moving home this Bank Holiday

1. Get connected

Make contact with your service providers at least a few days before moving day to make sure your gas and electricity will be switched on in time if services have been disconnected. It will be harder to arrange over the long weekend itself and you will want to avoid starting life in your new home without power and heating.

2. Get disconnected!

You should contact all the service providers at your current home well in advance of your move to get disconnected and to arrange for contracts to be transferred to your new address where appropriate. Ideally, you should contact your utility companies and internet provider four weeks before the move. Internet and phone connections can be difficult to book in on a specific day, so if these are crucial make early arrangements.

3. Return to sender

Inform banks, phone provider, etc, of your change of address the week before to ensure that no important mail is sent to your previous home. This will prevent identity fraud and having to rely on the new owners to forward on mail. Reallymoving.com offers a check list for the people you need to inform about your move and lists a number of firms that can help to transfer your address smoothly.

4. Getting there

The schedule for moving in day can be tight enough without any hold ups so you will also want to arrive at your new home before the removal company in order to tell them where to unload. Be sure to plan your route to take into account Bank Holiday traffic especially if it involves motorway journeys and keep on top of traffic updates with keepmoving.com/

5. Moving on in

Book your removal firm as far in advance as possible, particularly if you are planning to have the long weekend to settle in comfortably. Friday’s before Bank Holidays are very popular so the earlier you book the more competitive the quote will be.

6. Box heaven

Your removal company should be happy to drop off extra boxes a week before the move even if you are having a packing service. Use these to pack non breakables – or the contents of a loft or cellar.

7. Top to bottom

It’s easier to forget how much you may have stored in a shed or the loft. Don’t leave it until the night before you move to clear it out – you will not only delay the proceedings on the day but also have some potentially unhappy removal men. Actually clearing the loft isn’t usually included in their price – just moving the pre-packed items.

8. That little bit extra

Don’t forget it’s the removal men’s Bank Holiday too, so a tip would be much appreciated especially if it’s a scorching day and your shed took a bit longer to pack up than you thought!

9. Make way, make way

Parking restrictions can change on Bank Holidays so if you have arranged to move in on the Saturday, check that the lorry can park close enough. The remover may need to contact the local council for a permit or you may have to “reserve” a large space outside the night before if the road has shoppers parking.

10. Mini breaks

Having an extra day over the Bank Holiday could mean that children or pets can spend a night away with family or friends to give you extra time to settle in so when they arrive back there are some familiar items in place and the atmosphere is hopefully a little calmer.

Rosemary Rogers, Director, reallymoving.com comments:

“It is easy to become overwhelmed with the number of arrangements that need to be made when moving to a new home, but the key to making it a stress free process is planning well ahead. Bank Holidays can be an ideal time for many people to make their move but it will inevitably be that little bit busier, so you will need to factor this into your planning.”

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