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Don’t forget your loved ones when you move home!

One mover admitted to having unearthed and reburied her pet dog in the garden from her last four homes.

1.      Garden items including plants, trees, paving slabs, bricks, ornaments and machinery

2.      Carpets, rugs and lifted wooden floors

3.      Deceased cats and dogs that have been dug up from the garden

4.      Bags of rubbish so the new owners don’t have to deal with previous owners rubbish

5.      Fixtures and fittings that one would normally assume to be left behind e.g.  lightbulbs, kitchen extractor fans, skirting boards, wallpaper off the wall, toilet seats

Rosemary Rogers, Director, reallymoving.com comments:

“It seems that in the case of UK home movers, a dog certainly is for life. The attachment we feel for our pets is very real and as our poll shows, the most unusual item taken from a home was a deceased pet – with dogs leading the way.

“People become attached to the oddest things in their homes including toilet seats and their front doors! Some homemovers will also selfishly remove items such as light fittings and wallpaper. A good inventory provided by your solicitor that lists what is staying and what is going can save a lot of heartache and anger on removal day.”

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