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Size does matter when you move home

The research, which analysed requests for removals services on reallymoving.com in 2009, found that the average Londoner moved just 737 cubic feet of possessions when moving home. The Scots’ reputation for being thrifty also seemed to be borne out, as homemovers North of the border had the second lowest average volume of possessions.

By contrast those in the East of England typically have possessions totalling 911 cubic feet when they move home. Second on the list are the Home Counties with 897 cubic feet, which may be explained by the high proportion of family homes.

Cubic feet is the standard measure for calculating the size of a removal. Typically a large sofa equates to 45 cubic feet, a bed will be 40 cubic feet and a TV will be 3 cubic feet. Alternatively, for those at the higher end of the scale, a chandelier will typically be 5 cubic feet and a grand piano will measure 60 cubic feet. The difference of 174 cubic feet between the average East of England homemover and the average Londoner equates to four and a half beds or three grand pianos

Rosemary Rogers, Director, reallymoving.com comments on the findings:

“The fact that Londoners typically have the smallest volume of possessions could be the likelihood of moving more often or down to space being at a premium in the capital, whereas in the East of England space is comparatively more affordable. Our research suggests that Scotland’s reputation for being prudent seems not entirely undeserved. 

“The data also shows that the recession does not appear to have dented our appetite for material possessions, in spite of the so called clutter-free climate. Our research shows that the average volume of possessions of British home movers has not changed since 2007 remaining at 855 cubic feet.”

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