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Tips on spring-cleaning your home for a seasonal sale

But how can a seller have the edge over the neighbouring For Sale board and attract prospective buyers to their property? Estate Agents  Harrison Murray  are offering the following advice on how to make the mostof your home for sale.

The home makeover TV shows give advice in abundance, but with a little common sense, a clear mind and the goal of selling your home – a virtually cost-free mini makeover could make all the difference.

– Clutter control

Spring is the perfect time to de-clutter your home and make some space (or at least give the illusion of more space). Not everyone may share your taste for ornaments or family photos. In preparation for viewings, pack away any items that may make your home look crowded. Potential buyers will want to imagine themselves in the property with their belongings. Ensure any drying laundry is hidden from view, and if you use part of your home as an office, clear away any paperwork

– Looking good – inside and out

As well as considering a neutral look for the interior of your home, with an all over lick of magnolia or something similar, think about the exterior of your property. Check and repair any garden gates or fences, paint window frames and clean window panes, clear paths of weeds and make the entrance to your home inviting with some freshly planted pot plants. Giving your home kerb appeal is the first step to engaging with a buyer.

– Keeping it simple

Less is more, as they saying goes – and you don’t have to spend a fortune to be on trend when it comes to interiors. A few strategically placed throws and rugs to tone down patterned sofas or carpets will bring older interiors up to date. Create some optical illusions by placing furniture at angles around the room.

– Points on pets – and unusual hobbies

Your pet may be your pride and joy, but eliminate doggy or pet odours, and give carpets and sofas a quick hoover to get rid of any pet hairs – and get someone to take the dog for a walk if you are expecting a viewing. Likewise, any hobbies you may have could also impact on how viewers see your home. If for example you repair motorbikes or cars, keep spare parts out of the house – the same goes for those home-growing mushroom kits!

– Garage Storage

If like the majority of homeowners you use your garage for storing everything apart from the car, keeping it clutter free will give viewers an idea of how much space there is. They may have their own ideas for garage use – so keep tools, Christmas decorations and other items stored in boxes or hooked on the wall. Don’t hide this vital space under a pile of ‘junk’

– Outdoor Areas

Spring is a great time to get your outdoor entertaining area ready for those sunny days. Clean the patio and outdoor furniture. Whatever the size of your garden, this is  vital outdoor space. Do some basic landscaping repairs to the lawn, shrubbery, and plants – and mow the grass for an easy on the eye appearance. If you’ve cleaned the windows inside and out buyers can make the most of the view.