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Top-end London sellers fund move to the country

Guy Meacock of Prime Purchase who specialises in acquiring London properties between £1million and £3million for clients has noticed the marked improvement in sales.

He said: "Houses that would not sell 18 months ago are now doing so provided the location is good and the property is sensibly priced. People will sell if they have a good reason to do so and a move to the country, often to start children at schools, is certainly a factor."

Prime Purchase buying agents in the country said it had benefited from this market with more instructions from those on the point of sale or planning a move.

Hugo Thistlethwayte who covers the popular counties of Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey, said: "People who were only toying with the idea of selling in London are now very much on a mission to find country houses.

"Sentiment has changed since May this year, through a combination of sales taking place at the upper end of the London market, providing confidence, and these sales have rolled out buyers into the country."

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