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Rightmove Overseas signs up to industry body

 AIPP’s aim of making the international property market a safer place to buy and a better place to do business will be helped by the membership of Rightmove Overseas as it will further build consumer recognition of AIPP’s work through the high volumes of traffic and visits the site receives.
Robin Wilson, Head of Overseas at Rightmove, said ‘Joining the AIPP is a no-brainer for us, as they share the same values and aspirations we do in promoting confidence in the overseas market and in helping consumers make the leap from simply dreaming, to buying homes abroad or investing in overseas property.

AIPP membership should be high on the list of any business looking to give consumers in international markets the reassurance of a professional, trustworthy service. We expect all our advertisers to operate above and beyond the basics and AIPP membership goes a long way towards that’

AIPP has always recognised that the more buyers know about AIPP, the greater benefits to both Members and the buyers themselves.

Rightmove Overseas’s website will display the AIPP Member logo with editorial links for consumers to explain what this means. In addition, AIPP Members advertising on the Rightmove Overseas website will soon have the option to display their own AIPP Member logo within their listings.

‘We’re also pleased to say,’ added Wilson, ‘that we have agreed to promote this year’s AIPP Consumer Guide in a digital online format to all 150,000 consumers on our overseas newsletter distribution list. In addition, it will be hosted on the Rightmove Overseas website which on average receives over 1,000,000 overseas searches and 250,000 visits per month.’

2009 has already seen a significant increase in consumer awareness of the AIPP and the membership of Rightmove Overseas will surely build this further.

‘In uncertain times, people are more likely to look for signs of reassurance,’ concluded Owen. ‘The AIPP Member badge shows a company’s commitment to honesty and professionalism. Never before in our market have these values held such importance for consumers.’

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