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How to generate interest in Spanish holiday lets

1 Location
This is an obvious one, but you might be surprised how many investors buy property in an area they like rather than an area their target market will be interested in. The right kind of property in the right location is sure to attract a regular supply of visitors according to ipsbmv.com, particularly if local amenities are good and there is a choice of leisure activities, including golf courses, on the doorstep.

2 Electronic gadgets
Investors might look to save money in this area by adding an old TV and a spare DVD player they have lying around. However, the number of enquiries increases dramatically with the inclusion of WiFi and internet access which attracts 19% more enquiries followed by a games console and a sound system.  

3 Number of bedrooms, does size matter? 
It certainly does. Guests actually prefer something small but not too small. So if investors think their four-bedroom villa will attract guests willing to pay a premium then they may be mistaken. This is equally the case with smaller studios. 1 and 2 bedroom apartments on the other hand will attract the majority of enquiries.

4 Don’t be afraid of reviews
Most people today know their way around the internet, therefore an investor shouldn’t be afraid of having reviews posted online. There are risks attached to letting your guests post their thoughts about your accommodation for everyone to see, however an open and honest approach will pay dividends by increasing interest by 36%. Just remember to keep guests happy with all those gadgets.

5 Comforts
We all like our comforts and when travelling abroad this is no different. Guests will appreciate some of those extra touches like a safe to store valuables, a welcome pack and importantly a hairdryer. These three items combined will boost enquires by up to 21%. However don’t think adding a cheap ironing board will make any difference whatsoever – this could possibly be too much of a reminder of home. 

Jon Ainge, Director of ipsbmv.com, said: "There is no point investing in holiday lets and neglecting the furnishings.

"A good quality, well equipped villa or apartment that is well furnished and comfortable for guests will rent far better than a more down market property.

"It will also attract more visitors and generate that all important repeat business which is where most investors will generate income from their property."

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