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House swapping grows with international demand

"Many people who might have bought holiday homes abroad a few years ago during the boom are now finding that the weak pound lends itself better to a second home in the UK even with the new pressures on second homes announced in the Budget," said Richard O’Driscoll, founder of EasyHouseExchange.com.

"Likewise pensioners who may have moved abroad to live the dream, are also returning home because their pensions are devalued once again due to the weakening pound.

"And now that Britain has the highest personal tax regime in the world, there are no doubt a fair few wealthier homeowners who are looking to escape to sunnier economic climates."

Jane Fox from Maidenhead recently added her 300-year-old French farmhouse onto EasyHouseExchange.com to make an exchange with a homeowner in London or the Home Counties.

"It really is a beautiful house, full of inglenook fireplaces and original beams," Fox said.

"I have not been able to sell it in the current market, so now I would like to try and swap it with a property much closer to home."

Other international properties on the site include a waterfront retirement villa in Florida with its own private boat launch; a six-bedroom chateau circa 1863 in Pays-de-la-Loire; and a four-bedroom townhouse and fruit farm just outside Barcelona.

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