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Feature: Are you considering foreign property investment?

Do you believe a switch to investing within the leisure industry is bound to be profitable?

If the answer to these is "yes" then foreign property investment may be the way forward for you.

But what do you need to know before sinking your hard-earned cash into this type of opportunity and how difficult is it to get involved?

Platinum Wealth has produced a report which lists the questions you need to ask the developer/agent and the answers you need to know before committing your money.

Whether you want to get in early and buy off-plan to achieve great capital growth over the period from planning to completion, or are looking for an income stream almost immediately, the decisions you make based on the information available is crucial.

And what about personal usage, is that important to you and how will it affect the investment?

One facility may be the availability of placing this investment within your pension – so how does that work and what are the implications?

For the answers to these, plus further insight on this exciting and potentially rewarding strategy you need the guidance this free report from Platinum Wealth will provide.

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