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More support for British Citizens in Spain

Ms Winterton welcomed, as a positive first step, agreements, announced recently by Mr Zarrias and Chis Bryant that will be signed between the UK and both the Junta de Andalucia and the Valencian Regional Government for a regional civil servant from each of the two regional governments to advise UK citizens on integrating into Andalucia and Valencia.

They will give local, informed advice to British citizens in these regions, on a range of issues such as purchasing property, registration with local authorities, and healthcare coverage in Spain.

But Ms Winterton also made clear the importance of finding long-term solutions to help those facing difficulties at present, to ensure that nationals living in or considering moving to Spain feel better protected.

Ms Winterton said:

"The agreement is a positive first step and such innovative co-operation is certainly the way forward. Having regional civil servants in our consulates to advise UK citizens will help people to feel reassured and better protected."

"But we remain absolutely committed to working with the Spanish Government to find long-term solutions to the problems currently faced by those who bought property in Spain in good faith."

Minister for Europe, Chris Bryant said:
"I met with Gaspar Zarrías, Minister of State for Territorial Affairs, and Juan Espadas Cejas, Consejero de Vivienda y Ordenacion de Territorio at the Junta de Andalucía at the British Consulate in Malaga earlier this month to announce the appointment of these two Spanish civil servants. I’m fully supportive of Rosie Winterton’s work in this area to ensure that the British Government does all it can to help British citizens affected by this issue.
 "I would advise people to be extremely careful with property purchases overseas. Through our Travel Advice we suggest that prospective buyers seek independent legal advice and contact relevant local associations of those affected by property problems."

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One thought on “More support for British Citizens in Spain

  1. Chris says:

    As a spanish national who has lived and worked in the UK, i would strongly advice British nationals to place no faith in promises or enter into verbal contracts or similar in Spain. Its always best to enquire from the office of a Notario the status of a property. A notary is a qualified “abogado” who has studied to become a notary. The public notary is an official who cannot be employed nor instructed to act for an individual. The Notario represents the State. They do not guarantee or verify statements or check contractual terms. They protect the interests of the individual by pointing out any pitfalls, by offering advice on legal points and volunteering information. They may not always speak english, thus its a good idea to attend with a translator. Its always a good idea to ask for written information from profesional bodies. You may act in good faith but problems can arise, dont be naive. Dont buy the first property you see, shop around. The Spanish landscape is forever changing and what may be “good views” today may be a block in a couple of months. Good luck

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