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Property investors talk Turkey for bargains

Turkey’s low entry costs and capital growth make it one of the few destinations still offering an annual return on cash invested.
Also favoured as "interesting" is the US where top tourist destinations such as Florida have seen dramatic price falls meaning apartments can be bought for less than £50,000 in Orlando and even detached villas cost little more than £100,000, ensuring good rental returns and great value for money.

Cape Verde is currently experiencing one of the highest supply/demand imbalances in the world with the tourist ndustry booming.

The credit crunch has slowed development and is creating a supply shortage, so early investors are set to benefit from strong capital gains in the mid-to-long term.
Meanwhile, buyers are warned to beware of Dubai which has been among the worst affected destinations during the global financial crisis.

Projects have stalled, money has been withdrawn and property prices have plummeted, with further considerable falls still expected.

Expect as much as 75% off peak pricing in the near future.

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One thought on “Property investors talk Turkey for bargains

  1. blimey says:

    Would this report be published by a company who sell property in Turkey?? Oh yes!
    You would be better taking your money down to your local Bookies and gambling it all on something you have zero knowledge about…..

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