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‘Government must focus on housing shortages’

TCPA Chief Executive Gideon Amos OBE said: "The housing and planning experience in latest Ministerial appointments made today are welcomed by the TCPA. Shahid Malik MP, Sarah McCarthy-Fry MP and Ian Austin MP bring a complementary set of experience to the CLG brief. The issues of climate change and massive housing challenges in a recession urgently await attention."

With experience of housing, regeneration and community empowerment Shahid Malik is well placed in CLG. Prior to being elected Malik was the Chief Executive of the Haringey Regeneration Agency in North London and National Chair of the Urban Forum, a national regeneration policy network made up of residents and community organisations, with the aim of pushing power to local people in deprived neighbourhoods.

McCarthy-Fry has experience of both central and local government. Her time on Portsmouth City Council from 1994 to 2002, including a period where she chaired the environment committee, will be useful in ensuring tackling climate change and creating sustainable communities remain top departmental priorities.

With a strong interest in housing issues Austin, who worked for Focus Housing in the early 1990s, is another welcome addition to the CLG team. The recession and the acute housing shortages facing the nation today must continue to be proactively addressed at this crucial time, the TCPA said.

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