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Property investment company closed down

It issued a prospectus describing a business model whereby the company and its investors would benefit from an increase in the value of properties purchased in such cities.

The investigation found that the prospectus falsely claimed that the company had secured mortgage funding to purchase properties; gave false details of the company’s trading premises and share capital; disguised the true identity of the company officers; and misrepresented the company’s Real Estate Investment Trust status.

The company provided no commercial benefit to persons who invested in it and all monies paid to the company by investors were immediately withdrawn.

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0 thoughts on “Property investment company closed down

  1. smell the coffee says:

    The thread relates to a Property Investment Company, but fails to mantion a name or any information…….

  2. chris newman says:

    Indeed – a pointless article without mentioning a name!

  3. John Thorpe says:

    Good grief!!!! This sort of adverse publicity is all we need !!!!!!
    Try as hard as we might, landlords are all tarred with the same brush. We are represented as greedy grasping, tyrannicall, unscrupulous profiteers crooks. NLA’s David Salusbury has declared to all and sundry in the landlord press that 90% of us abuse and fail to repay tenants deposits.
    Actually the above definition of a landlord could easily apply to a hefty proportion of our MP’s!!!! Hazel Blears is the Minister piling on the sgony for the private landlord with her lopsided legilsation.