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More women urged to enter property industry

Wendy Evans-Scott, President of the National Association of Estate Agents, said: "These figures are disappointing, but unsurprising. Anyone who works in the property industry will testify that the gender balance has only recently started to change.

"Women obviously make up a big part of our customer base and most likely women are the ultimate decision-makers when it comes to purchasing a home. There is a lot to be said for having a balanced agency in terms of male and female agents and many organisations are waking up to this fact. Others still have a long way to go.

"On the plus side, the Board representing the NAEA is 38% female – a figure that is well above the Government’s 25% goal for other UK businesses.

"Estate agency is a fantastic career for both men and women, requiring a range of specific skills from communication to negotiation. There is so much variety in this job and you are meeting different people each day."

While the national average stands at one in four, in some parts of the UK women have become well-established within the industry. In Cardiff female estate agents are more prevalent than men, representing 63% of the industry.

Evans-Scott runs a branch of Hamptons International in Epsom Surrey. She said: "It makes sense to meet the needs of our customers and have both male and female agents in a branch; this brings a balance of skills and personalities to the table and can offer different empathies within our diversity of clients."

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