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Property leaders consider role in mending ‘broken Britain’

Liz Peace, chief executive of the BPF, said: "The property industry makes up a major part of the UK economy in its own right, as well as providing a platform for virtually all of the country’s other major industries.

"The sector also provides places for people to live and employs over 800,000 people across the country and is consequently fundamental to the social and economic health of the country."

Howard Morgan, founder and managing director of RealService, said: "The property industry isn’t directly to blame for Britain’s economic and social malaise but equally it can’t just shrug it off as somebody else’s problem to fix. Our industry must recognise that it has a significant part to play in mending broken Britain by virtue of the vast amount of land and buildings it controls, its unrivalled access to capital funds and professionalism.

"We observe that the more successful property companies in these tough economic times are the ones who invest in understanding their customers and all those affected by their businesses. These companies feel that they never have enough understanding of their customers and stakeholders – they never think they know it all.

"The successful companies are customer-serving rather than self-serving because they know it makes economic and social sense. We would like to see more property companies follow the lead of these research-driven success companies and focus on their customers’ wants and needs as opposed to their own. This will help them to enjoy a more sustainable and prosperous future not only for themselves but for our industry and Britain as a whole."

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