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Is your home ready for the cold snap?

But, how many of us have stopped to think about whether our properties are ready to tackle the elements?

William Davies, managing director at aspect.co.uk, a leading property maintenance and refurbishment company, comments: “When the cold arrives, we are overrun with work as people crank up their boilers to get their heating working to its full potential. It’s often when you need it most that problems occur, as the demand being placed on your boiler is so much greater than the rest of the year. Being ill prepared for the cold could mean uncomfortable living.

“If you suspect your boiler has any problems, then don’t leave it to the last minute to sort – inevitably gas service companies (like ours) will be running to full capacity in the cold days (and possibly weeks) that lie ahead.  Get it booked in now to give yourself the best chance of parts being available and quick turnaround times.”

Davies goes on to advise that boilers should be serviced annually – at least every 12 months, to guarantee they are running as efficiently as possible. He adds: “A service and powerflush will make sure you get the most efficiency from your boiler.

“And if your boiler is between 10-15 years old, then now would be the time to consider replacing it. New boilers, especially those with an “A” efficiency rating or higher, can save you as much as 40 percent on your annual heating bill.”

Here are some more property-related winter tips from aspect.co.uk:

• Make sure you properly insulate your property, from lofts to cavity fillings to exclude draft. This will prevent heat loss, and conserve energy.
• Check your pipes are insulated to protect from frost and to prevent heat loss.
• Check your roof for missing tiles, and check the flashings to the chimney look intact. Make sure the guttering looks clear with no missing sections. Clear away pebbles, moss and vegetation that may have built up on your roof.
• Clean your drains – from inside and do an external check to ensure there aren’t any blockages.

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