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Retailers seek justice to deter future shop violence

Retailers appreciate the efforts of other police forces across the country and hope they have access to the resources they need to bring calm to all cities.

The BRC has had conversations with Home Secretary Theresa May and Business Secretary Vince Cable during the past 24 hours and has been pleased to receive assurances that those responsible for the wave of destruction will be punished appropriately. This has not always happened after previous protests targeting retailers.

BRC Director General, Stephen Robertson, said: "The response of the Government and police forces across the country to the recent wave of mindless destruction has been encouraging. Sheer police presence seems to have been responsible for a relatively quiet night in London and we hope this pattern will now be replicated across the country.

"For too long, shop crime has been wrongly regarded as a low priority. There is a myth that stealing from stores is victimless and that police resources are better used elsewhere. The sad events of the past week should have brought home to everyone the huge economic and human costs which are caused by crime against the retail sector.

"The police and the courts need to place greater emphasis on catching and punishing those responsible for all shop crime. It’s shocking that disenchanted young people have shown so little hesitation in launching attacks on stores in their own communities.

"In retail we provide a million jobs to the under 25s, and offer thousands of young people their first job every year. Destroying shops and high streets is counter-productive in every sense."

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