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Homeless boss’s American royal ‘jaunt’, as staff face pay cuts

In the middle of delicate negotiations with staff – with some employees facing up to £10,000 pay cuts – Mr Obakin disappeared.

Unite regional officer, Matt Smith said: ‘It was later discovered that while frontline staff were trying to bargain for a fairer deal, Mr Obakin has been busy ingratiating himself as a member of William and Kate’s Los Angeles entourage’.

Unite research into Centrepoint’s 2010 public accounts has revealed that the organisation pays six of its senior executives over £60,000-a-year, with one being paid £110,000.

The Unite Housing Workers’ branch has announced Centrepoint members are to be balloted later this month on possible industrial action over proposals to cut posts and salaries, following an overwhelming vote in a consultative ballot for action.

Unite said that more than 100 staff at Centrepoint delivering frontline services have been singled out to face severe wage cuts, demotion and redundancy.

Centrepoint’s original proposal was to impose potential cuts of up to 36 per cent to frontline staff wages, while simultaneously increasing their hours, with the longest serving staff being the worst hit.

Matt Smith said: ‘Staff fear that by continuing to work for this iconic homelessness charity, they will render themselves homeless, as they won’t have enough money for their mortgages and rent.’

‘There are major concerns that these cuts will lead to Centrepoint losing its most experienced, dedicated and skilled staff. As a result, the quality of services it delivers to vulnerable young people will be significantly damaged.’

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0 thoughts on “Homeless boss’s American royal ‘jaunt’, as staff face pay cuts

  1. Graham Wiliams says:

    I believe Mr Obakin’s behaviour to be utterly deplorable and not at all in the spirit of his post.

    He should be asked to explain his action and if not satisfactory asked to leave – without the usual fat bonus!!