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Boris delivers £23m windfall to Londoners

Cutting back on expenditure at City Hall has allowed the Mayor to end the relentless rise in council tax precept for eight years and to freeze his share of the council tax over the last two years.

Boris Johnson confirmed at Mayor’s Question Time meeting (15 Deec) that he can freeze it for an unprecedented third time.

Boris Johnson, said:

‘With the new coalition government’s drive to reduce the country’s budget deficit and everyone feeling the squeeze, It is essential that as the guardian of this great city, I do all I can to protect the families and people of London from too heavy a tax burden.

‘I am committed to delivering more bang for a buck whilst still maintaining frontline services, delivering vital transport improvements and providing opportunities for young Londoners.‘

The Mayor’s draft consultation budget will be published by the end of the year and will outline the Mayor’s priorities and commitments for the coming year.  Since 2008, the Mayor has delivered over £2 billion efficiency savings across the GLA Group, whilst making London a safer city and helping the capital to steer the UK out of recession.

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