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Do you have the best neighbours or kindest community?…

Saga is launching a “Good Neighbour Roll of Honour” to demonstrate the positive effects the bad weather can have and how it is truly becoming a word for today as neighbours pull together in times of hardship.

“It’s a long time since we’ve seen the sense of ‘community’ tested to this degree. David Cameron is talking about the big society, but across Britain communities have been pulling together and bringing the words to life with real heroism and support being shown by friends and neighbours.” Said Emma Soames, Editor at Large for Saga Magazine. “You don’t have to dive into a freezing river or try and stop a sliding vehicle to be considered a hero by your older neighbours”, she says.

“Saga wants to celebrate the good neighbours who are truly making a difference to the lives of older people this Winter and throughout the festive season. “It doesn’t take much – just offering to go out for groceries or providing a lift to get to appointments or a helping hand so they can go on with their normal lives is so important at this time of year and can make a massive difference to our physical and mental wellbeing – for both the helped and the helper.

“We are asking people who are benefiting from the kindness of a good neighbour to let Saga know who they are and we will add their names to our Good Neighbours roll of honour which will be published on the Saga website.

“We only need to know their name – or indeed just their first or nickname and the town or location you and they live in. And then we’d like a short sentence on how they are making a difference in your area while the weather is making life tricky for us all.”

Nominations can be emailed to goodneighbour@saga.co.uk

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