Spooked Brits spend £138,000 a night sleeping with the light on

A quarter of people who leave a light on do so in case they have to get up in the night and nearly one fifth do it out of habit, just because they always have.

With Halloween approaching, and darker evenings with the clocks going back, E.ON suggests the faint-hearted get ‘energy fit’ and use an energy efficient alternative instead, saving both energy and money.  1 kWh of electricity will power a standard 60W bulb for around 17 hours, an 11W low energy bulb for around 90 hours and a 1W LED night light for around 1,000 hours.

Beverly Maguire, one of E.ON’s Energy Fitness instructors, said: "I hate to admit it but there was a time I left my landing light on at night too.  We can’t change people’s fears and phobias – and we certainly don’t want to leave them afraid in the dark! – but we would encourage them, like me, to switch to an energy efficient option like an LED night light instead." 

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