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New school for Estate Agents is the Rightmove

Apprentices undergo a blend of classroom-based learning with experience in the field with their employing estate/letting agency. On completion of the course students will be fully qualified, having achieved the NFOPP Technical Award and Level 3 NVQ (Diploma), as well as gaining real-time experience in a number of industry-specific support services.

“Rightmove’s involvement is very hands-on, and fits perfectly with our aim to produce the next generation of agents who are not only technically competent, but who also understand the business of agency and the dedicated systems of the industry” said Bloom’s MD Greg Morrall. “For example, a Bloom Apprentice will have a good understanding of how to harness the benefits of RightmovePlus which will add real value to their sponsoring employer.”

Miles Shipside, Rightmove’s Commercial Director said “we are delighted to be involved in Bloom and will be sending Rightmove trainers to the Bloom Academies to deliver practical training in how to take fullest advantage of Rightmove and its various services to estate and letting agents. Importantly we’ll also be teaching the apprentices about trends in how the public uses the internet and mobile technology when buying or selling a property.

“There is also an important social consideration here,” Shipside continued, “Until Bloom’s entry into the property training arena, there had been no facility specifically aimed at young people wishing to join the industry. Through Bloom, they can now do so using a well-designed and systematic approach, which provides them with the best academic and vocationally practical qualifications on offer. This can only be a good thing for standards in our industry as a whole.”

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0 thoughts on “New school for Estate Agents is the Rightmove

  1. This is great to get those new to the industry in, there is so much legislation now in estate agency that this is such a great idea, perhaps school and work experience would be best. Also at the price these portals charge, dam right they should give something back to the industry!

  2. This is what the industry needs, Rightmove has been taking, taking and taking! now they are giving something back to a battered industry. About time though! The Rightmove fee’s alone from one agent for one month could fund atleast 5 young hopefuls!!!