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Father with massive child maintenance debt prevented from selling house

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, owes over £78,000 in unpaid maintenance.  He has paid nothing to his former partner for almost twelve years while failing to respond to letters or phone calls from the Child Support Agency – now part of the Commission.

The Commission applied for a ‘freezing order’ after the man put his house on the market, raising fears he would try to put the proceeds beyond the Agency’s reach. The particulars of sale for the four-bedroom property boasted of numerous costly improvements, including a luxury fitted kitchen and home cinema. It noted there was "no chain" to hold up a quick sale.

In the first case to be brought under powers introduced by the latest child maintenance legislation, the High Court has now imposed an order preventing the sale. The reforms also allow the courts to reverse the sale or transfer of property by parents who have unpaid maintenance arrears. These ‘setting aside’ orders are designed to stop parents putting valuable assets in the names of new partners and relatives in order to evade both the CSA and their duty to provide for their children.   

"This case sends a clear message to all parents who have run up substantial maintenance arrears," said Dame Janet Paraskeva, Chair of the Child Maintenance Commission. "Step-by-step the Commission is closing the escape routes for parents who think they can cheat their children out of money from which they are entitled to benefit.  No longer can houses, cars and other valuable assets be sold off quickly to prevent the CSA taking possession of them. Those who cynically transfer the legal ownership of property into the names of their new partners risk having those transactions reversed."

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0 thoughts on “Father with massive child maintenance debt prevented from selling house

  1. Major Landlord says:

    The awful, toothless Child Support Agency is finally getting its act together. About time too!

    The decent, honest, responsible citizens of this country have for too long been supporting those who would walk away literally leaving somebody else holding the baby. And for too long, deserted parents of both sexes have seen their former partners walk away from their moral and financial responsibilities with utter impunity.

    I hope they go for the jugular with this guy, and with every other case where deserters have run up child maintenance arrears. They should have assets seized, and they should pay interest and fines on debts, just as we all do if we are late paying taxes.

    You cannot turn a feclkless scumbag into a decent human being. But at least you can make him/her pay for their irresponsible behaviour. I just feel sorry for any child whose parent thinks nothing of walking away and paying nothing.

  2. Sir Bashus Moore says:

    I too have suffered at the hands of the CSA. Their calculations are often incorrect, and despite endeavouring to supply copious amounts of evidence to allow them to make adjustments, once “the system” has commenced, it automatically assumes you are not paying what you should be paying.

    Over the last 6 years, I have paid my ex-wife an extraordinary amount of money – net of tax – which she has spent on herself, and her new baby (not mine !!). My children have gone without clothes, school trips, treats etc, because she’s already spent their money.

    Its the system itself which is wrong. Parents with care must be held accountable for the money given to them by the parents without full time care.

    Mr Duncan-Smith I understand is reviewing the system, and I welcome his input. He’s a very able politican – as Paul Merton would say – both of the twins !!