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Hosepipe ban but water watchdog still expects high quality service

“United Utilities is facing its driest start to the year since 1929, and has now announced a hosepipe ban. The ban applies to all United Utilities customers except those in Carlisle, Allderdale, Copeland and the north Eden Valley.  The company has kept its customers informed of their water resources situation from an early stage and we have emphasised the need to continue to keep them updated.

“Consumers are concerned about their water environment and accept the need to conserve water. Indeed, 4 out of 5 consumers (80%) tell us that they are prepared to accept restrictions such as hosepipe bans – as long as water companies can demonstrate that they have done all they can to effectively manage water supplies.

“We have seen significant advances in companies meeting leakage targets and maintaining a good quality and consistent supply, but we expect companies to be particularly active on leakage at times of drought.

“When we ask water customers, most accept that there are times when restrictions on non-essential use are necessary, but want clear rules in place so they know what they can and can’t do.

“We accept that this is an issue which can create strong feelings with some consumers. We will be monitoring United Utilities closely to ensure that their consumers are being well-served and given as much information as possible during and after the hosepipe ban.”

“Consumers can help by considering simple ways to use water wisely. Fixing dripping taps, installing a water saving device in toilets, taking showers rather than baths and using washing up water to water the garden are all great ways to be more water efficient.”

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One thought on “Hosepipe ban but water watchdog still expects high quality service

  1. John Aspinall says:

    Does a private utility company have the right to punish abusers of the hosepipe ban by fines. What law covers this circumstance. If so what is to stop anyone issuing a ban on anything ( eg walking up my garden path ) and fining the offender.
    If hosepipes are used for purposes other than watering the garden or washing the car can a person be fined since no other instruction has been given to the public.

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