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Credit licence revoked of Middlesborough Estate Agent

After investigating information received from the North East Illegal Money Lending Team, the OFT concluded that Mr Hall obtained a consumer credit licence in September 2007 by failing to declare 23 unspent criminal convictions, including offences of theft, harassment and Grevious Bodily Harm, in breach of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

The OFT had already obtained an interim order from the High Court in April to stop Mr Hall from engaging in licensable activities pending the outcome of the OFT’s revocation process. The High Court order also prevented him from engaging in threatening, violent or intimidatory behaviour in connection with his consumer credit or ancillary credit business.

The OFT issued a minded to revoke notice on 12 March 2010. Mr Hall did not challenge this notice and the licence has now been revoked

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0 thoughts on “Credit licence revoked of Middlesborough Estate Agent

  1. Paul Parks says:

    People like that gives estate agents a bad name. Is a shame they are able to practice in the first place. Anyway at least he was caught and his activities stopped.