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Carsberg set to rally the homebuying and selling market

Sir Bryan’s appointment looks set to become the catalyst for turning this acceptance into real action, providing a rallying point for those in the industry who want to become engineers of change rather than the victims of it.

In his role as President, Sir Bryan will be overseeing the Forum’s aim of bringing greater efficiency, transparency and cohesion to the home buying and selling process. He will be working with forum members – who represent all relevant businesses and stakeholders including estate agents, surveyors, search firms, lenders and solicitors –   to achieve consensus on how to improve the home buying and selling process.   Subsequently, the forum will liaise with government and industry to effect these improvements.

Sir Bryan said:

“This is a huge opportunity to make a real difference. Notwithstanding the current downturn, it is widely recognised that transaction times in England and Wales compare very poorly to those throughout the rest of Europe, typically taking between 8-10 weeks from acceptance and exchange. Even worse, approximately 1 in 4 transactions fall through.

But if all businesses involved were to take some responsibility to provide better information to customers  about the process, whilst at the same time working towards a truly modernised system, this would benefit everyone. This year promises to be a crucial one for the property marketplace and I welcome the opportunity to be at the heart of it in my new role as President of the E-Homebuying Forum.  Now is the time for industry to look to take a lead and the E-Homebuying Forum is well placed to do this by bringing together businesses and representative bodies across the residential sector.”

“The opportunity to reform the homebuying and selling process has never been greater and I am genuinely enthusiastic about what can be achieved.”

Mark Riddick, Chairman of the E-Homebuying Forum states:

“Forum members are delighted that Sir Bryan is to become our president with the wealth of knowledge and experience he brings.  Whilst great progress has been made since the Forum was set-up, Sir Bryan’s appointment will provide further impetus to our Blueprint for improving the home buying and selling process, particularly in reaching out to government and industry to act.  Sir Bryan’s appointment is a rallying call to all those in industry frustrated by the failure hitherto to improve the process and those that believe that we should now seize the opportunity to be engineers of change rather than victims of it (e.g. HIPs).  The forum, under Sir Bryan’s leadership, provides a real opportunity for the industry to shape its own destiny in the current political climate.”

The EHF was set up in 2008 to represent all elements of the home buying process in order to provide a unique and well informed perspective of the current state of the marketplace and to provide solutions as to how this process could best be improved.

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