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Labour housing Manifesto lays future foundations

"We have kept the construction industry going through the recession – bringing forward investment to protect jobs.

"And we have protected homeowners, making repossession a last resort. Repossessions are today running at half the rate of the early 1990s recession.  Crucially, and in contrast to the Tory Government in the early 1990s, we swiftly extended support for mortgage interest payments, and have extended it for the rest of this year. We have scrapped stamp duty for two years for first time buyers buying houses under £250,000 and we will keep supporting the house builders by bringing forward investment in affordable homes."

John Healey said:

"Labour’s plan for housing shows our continued commitment to using the power of public investment to help meet the needs and aspirations of people across our country."

"Labour’s extra investment which has kept Britain building through recession was opposed by the Tories. Our help for housebuilding, supporting 160,000 jobs and creating 3,000 new apprenticeships, is at risk from the Tories. They would cut spending on housebuilding and paralyse the planning system, removing the duty on councils to plan for new affordable housing. Our action in recession and the Tories opposition show why Labour is the only Party to secure the recovery."

You can read the full Manifesto here: http://www.labouremail.org.uk/files/uploads/339ddeb4-8aaf-bf94-ede7-5a8846bccbc6.pdf

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0 thoughts on “Labour housing Manifesto lays future foundations

  1. Major Landlord says:

    This all sounds lovely, until you remember three key things:

    – Labour has been in power for 13 years. If the housing sector requires some attention, why has it taken them so long to notice? Anyone would think there was an election round the corner . . . .
    – there are an estimated 500,000 empty housing units in the UK – mostly owned by local councils. Before Gordon Brown bungs the housebuilders even more money to grab land and build houses we don’t need, how about bringing these half million units back into use?
    – “Labour’s extra investment which has kept Britain building through recession”: who caused the recession, through their unwillingness to exercise sensible controls over greedy bankers? Was it the Chancellor or the PM? Doesn’t matter – it’s the same person.

    Five more years of Labour will finish the destruction of this country and its economy. Anyone who cares about GB plc will vote for a fresh start.