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Fully Furnished report increase of 23% in overall business

Alec states that in 2009 they saw an 80% increase in their furniture sales packs, which he says is due to landlords realising the importance of furnishing to reduce void periods and increase rental yields.

"Landlords are quickly becoming acceptable to initially spending a budget on furniture to ‘create a lifestyle’ for potential tenants as they can now understand that it helps to let their property quickly and ensures that they can make a bigger monthly rental return. 2009 saw a huge increase in the service that we provide for landlords and I believe that we will only see our numbers increase throughout 2010. The reason for this is that we could see changes to conditions in the sales market with the impending general election and recent warnings from the Bank of England that we may experience a double dip recession. This could see people who need to make a move this year opting to turn to the rental market and becoming, once again, temporary landlords." comments Alec Watt.

The sales market currently is continuing on from a busier than expected Q4 in 2009. Troubled times beforehand has, Alec states, caused agents to become more switched on in helping to assist sales transactions, ensuring that they exchange and complete. This meant that Fully Furnished experienced a substantial surge in their dress for sale and let service in 2009.

As well as this, they have seen demand for their emergency furnishing soar recently following on from the horrendous weather conditions that hit the UK which included both snow and freezing temperatures.

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