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Housing risks losing priority at next general election

Sarah Webb, Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH), which represents more than 22,000 housing professionals, said: "We face unprecedented demand for affordable, sustainable homes up and down the country and today are building less than half the homes we need.

"One of the key issues that hard working families are struggling with is housing – whether securing a decent rented house or being able to buy their own home. Without fundamental and far-reaching change these hopes and aspirations look set to move further out of reach, not closer.

"Over the past ten years this Government has taken the lead in delivering important changes in our housing landscape that have improved millions of lives. [Yesterday] the Prime Minister set out his vision for the Labour party’s priorities for the future. Given this government’s success with decent homes, market renewal, inner city regeneration and new investment in better affordable housing it makes it all the more disappointing that striving for a different housing recovery was not part of the vision set out [yesterday]. We urge the Government to reflect and build on its achievements in housing and include housing as a centrepiece of realising the social and economic vision the Prime Minister has set out."

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