Work begins on £5m training facility for cadets

Junior Soldiers from the Army Foundation College in Harrogate are also likely to make considerable use of the new facility during weekdays, as a base while using the military training areas at Holcombe Moor.

Colonel Gerry Wells-Cole, Chief Executive of the North West and Isle of Man Reserve Forces and Cadets Association, said:

"This exciting new project is precisely the sort of facility that is required by an expanding Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force.
"The current facility at Ramsbottom is wholly inadequate and outdated and this new facility will provide the youth of Greater Manchester with state-of-the-art accommodation located next door to a training area where cadet military and adventurous training can be carried out.

"We are delighted that the Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester, Colonel Warren Smith, who is also the Honorary Colonel of Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force, agreed to mark this very special occasion by ‘turning the turf’ for the commencement of this new project."

The project has been commissioned by MOD’s Directorate of Infrastructure and is being managed by the North West and Isle of Man Reserve Forces and Cadets Association. It is due for completion by September 2010.

Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force has 45 detachments across the county. The facility will also be used by other youth organisations such as the Air Training Corps and the Sea Cadet Corps.