Start of summer holidays prompt construction site dangers warning

Each year, many children are injured and some even killed as a result of construction site accidents in the UK, as youngsters seek out a seemingly exciting place to play.

According to the most recent Health and Safety Executive figures (2008/09) one child was killed and 25 others were injured as a result of accidents on building sites in the UK.

Linden Homes production manager Kevin Hoyland said: "Understandably some children are drawn to construction sites as exciting places to play, but they are not playgrounds and playing on them can have fatal consequences.

“The school holidays present an ideal opportunity for a timely reminder to children and parents about the dangers of construction sites – almost all of which continue to remain active throughout the summer.

“The lighter evenings during the summer months create more time for children to play outdoors – however, we would appeal to parents to check that their youngsters are in a safe environment when playing.”

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