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Government launches self-build boom

The Minister said that going down the self-build route was an affordable option for aspiring homeowners and shouldn’t be seen as the preserve of those with deep pockets and grand designs.

A budget of £150,000 is adequate, in most instances, to get a three to four bedroom home built. The average cost of a ready-made home is now over £232,000.

Shapps pledged to double the size of the self-build sector and said that for the first time, anyone wanting to don a hard hat and build their own home from scratch – whatever their budget – would have the help, advice and support they needed to get started.

He said: "Last year, self-builders accounted for about 14,000 new homes in this country, more than many large commercial builders. Yet our self-build industry still lags behind much of the rest of the world, with the opportunity to build your own home seen as something only for a select few.

"That’s why today, I’m pledging to back the self-build boom and support the industry to double in size over the next few years. As well as a new website giving help and advice, we’re working hard to identify more land for development and have reformed the planning rules to stop people’s aspirations getting tangled in red tape.

"This package of measures is designed to ensure anyone looking to build their own home gets the support they need and with the numbers of mortgages available set to rise by a massive 141%, there’s never been a better time for people to lay their own foundations."

Ted Stevens, the Chairman of the National Self Build Association, said: "More than half the UK population would like to one day build their own homes, and around two million families are keen to get their projects off the ground in the very near future.

"The new self-build portal will help them figure out what, realistically, they can afford to build; it will explain how their budgets can go further if they team up with other would-be self builders or do a portion of the work themselves, and it highlights the parts of the UK where it can be cheaper to find a site and construct a home."

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0 thoughts on “Government launches self-build boom

  1. Daniel Ward says:

    I have read a large chunk of the NPPF and was at Ecobuild for talks by both Ted Stevens and Schapps right hand man Mario. I am yet to find anything relating to the claims above and am still not sure how they see this happening – Public awareness is key, I don’t see much of that unless you are already aware of self-build, which misses the point…..those that are aware are doing it and are already well ahead of Government. In the late seventies and early eighties, During Conservative Leadership, Walter Segal, Jon Broome, Brian Richardson (then the Lewisham Council Planning Officer) and Ken Atkins (a window fitter and subsequent self-builder, on the council house waiting list), to name but a handfu,l pioneered this very aspect of house building at the lower end of the market. Walters Way was a success, why was it not copied? Why are we still discussing this as a model? Wheres the Land? and wheres the incentive at a local level?

  2. Daniel Ward says:

    Basically reiterates what was said by Schapps right hand man, Mario, and Ted Stevens at Ecobuild. I have read a large chunk of the NPPF and am yet to find anything relating to what has been said, so still not sure how they see this happening. Public awareness is key don’t see much of that, it is only on the radar of those that are already aware – misses the point…..those that are aware are doing it and are years ahead of Government in both the practice and theory of self-build. Visit Walters Way, built some 30 years ago by Walter Segal, Jon Broome, Brian Richardson (Lewisham Planning Officer) and a group of council housing members both in accommodation and on waiting lists to see that this is not new and it is not the brain child of Schapps or the current government, who actually were responsible for undermining it the first time around. These great ideas only ever work if there are people with vision at a local level, what we actual need are policies put in place that do not become, once again, a whimsical idea taken up or left out on the say of whomever happens to be in charge at the time. For nearly thirty thousand years, until the advent of speculative building not that long ago (some 100 years or so), we have built our homes villages and towns through cooperative self-building principles. I believe it is about time we combined the two to provide a commercially viable and financially EQUITABLE way in which we can ALL be afforded a quality of life that WE determine WE would wish to live, this can only begin to be achieved when, in the words of Walter Segal, we redistribute land in an equitable fashion for ALL.