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Housing Strategy and how it will help elderly market

..and giving people the opportunity to get on the housing ladder is a welcome boost to the whole house building industry, and particularly for those of us providing sheltered accommodation for the elderly.

"For this end of the market, the strategy is aimed at supporting the elderly to live independently, and it “includes a deal to improve the quality and choice of housing available for older people, which aims to help them to stay independent for longer.”

"The Strategy claims that ‘Nearly a third of all homes are occupied by the elderly, and nearly two thirds of the projected increase in the number of households over the next 20 years will be headed by someone aged 65 or over.

‘So a package of measures will help the elderly adapt their homes, or move into alternative housing, to meet their changing needs.’

"Our research shows that the average Owner of one of our purpose built retirement apartments is a 79 year old widow, moved there from their own 2/3 bedroom semi-detached ‘second hand’ property, where they had been living alone on average for 35 years.  Therefore any help the government can give to this demographic, which is growing daily, in order to get these homes released back into the open market will be a big boost to the economy in general.  It is these kind of family homes which are most in need for the first time buyer. This new government policy would help to reintroduce under occupied homes back on to the market.

"This strategy will also help overcome what Age UK describes as the ‘biggest killer’ – loneliness. Older people, living in their own homes, can be very lonely: again our research shows that once they move into sheltered accommodation, with a ready-made community of similar aged people, this is no longer an issue.  They tend to make new friends, join in with the activities on offer, and their health as well as their well-being, improves.

"For example, my parents-in-law, aged 71 and 82, recently moved into one of our developments in Highcliffe, Dorset, from their 3 bedroom bungalow.  They had been lonely, and were even doing the gardening in my house every week, to keep them occupied!  Once they moved into their new apartment, they handed in their notice with me as they were too busy, and happy, with their new community!

"The type of accommodation provided by Churchill Retirement Living is what is needed to give our elderly the quality of life they need to stay independent for longer during their later years."

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