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Housing boost could halt decline in house building levels

Year-to-date registrations for new homes are consistent with last year, but a drop across both public and private sectors in October suggests that trend may not continue, according to NHBC.
NHBC Head of Affordable Housing, Mebhan Chowdery, said: "The total number of new home registrations this year is holding up compared with last year, but there has been a noticeable decline in the public sector in recent months compared to early summer.
"There is good news as contracts are now being signed under the new Affordable Homes Programme. Further, initiatives announced in the Government’s Housing Strategy out today, and plans for a new infrastructure programme – Growing Places Fund – are welcome and well-timed news for social and affordable house building.
"Without a boost in this area there is the growing potential that declining registrations in the public sector will eventually have a knock on effect in the private sector, serving as a counterweight to any meagre recovery in the private sector and making it even more difficult to generate a platform for growth into 2012."

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