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Bold approach needed to meet new homes targets

So far this year in 2011, only 93,870 applications to build new homes have been registered; just a 6 per cent increase on the same period in 2010 (88,196).

NHBC Chief Executive Imtiaz Farookhi said: "Although headline registration volumes are marginally above last year’s for the UK, viewing the figures in absolute terms underlines the real scale of the challenge facing the whole house building industry.
"Just this month the Government announced its ambition that 230,000 homes need to be built each year by the end of 2015*. But meeting this target will require a bold approach from the coalition. Ultimately, the many pressing issues currently being debated, such as homelessness and housing costs, are rooted in the chronic undersupply of new housing in the UK. 

"The Government therefore needs to not only remain strong on policy already announced but also must  be prepared for further assertive action if it becomes clear that house building volumes in the UK continue to remain at perilously low levels."

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One thought on “Bold approach needed to meet new homes targets

  1. greg gilding says:

    It should be no surprise to anyone working in construction and planning that house starts are low. It is not only the economy that is killing house starts it is the stranglehold of local planning authorities having to implement poorly thought out planning policy and the unworkable and draconian requirements of planning validation reports.
    Even simple housing schemes in sustainable locations are still hard and expensive to get through a top heavy, inflexible and unsympathetic planning system. A major scheme is now considered as 10 houses and our local authority then wants a statement on public art!!
    It is time that the department who wants house starts had a word with the department trying to re-design/streamline/simplify the planning system. Oh they are already the same department.
    Mind you it might be quicker to get the pigs fitted for flying goggles!!

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