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New home registrations at highest during March for over three years

This figure equates to a 21 per cent increase year-on-year (11,018, March 2010) and a 49 per cent increase on February’s figure (8,917).

Registrations for new homes at the Athletes’ Village accounted for a large proportion of this number in March (approximately 2,800) yet, these aside, monthly registrations were still the highest they have been in eight months (10,638 in July 2010).

The number of private sector registrations during March 2011 reached 7,980 – the highest the number since April 2008 (8,443) – and the number of public sector registrations increased 34 per cent year-on-year, from 3,984 in March 2010 to 5,327.

Imtiaz Farookhi, chief executive of NHBC, said:  "March’s figures offer encouragement to the sector during a month in which the Coalition’s Budget announced significant changes for all housebuilders.  Planning strategy, the zero carbon definition of a new home and the New Homes Bonus were all included in the Budget and the fact that new home registrations held up is a positive sign.

"While a large proportion of registrations were driven by plans at the Athletes’ Village, housing analysts have reported better than expected growth in house building during the first quarter of 2011 and our figures for March certainly reflect this positivity.  Hopefully Government measures designed to incentivise the building and buying of new homes will deliver a level of stability and reassurance for the market and encourage its growth."

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  1. Versie says:

    Have a friend of mine who custom built her new home this March as well. It’s mostly cause the weather outside is settling into something more calmer, and it’s a great environment to build stuff, not too cold, not too hot. This friend of mine is a home designer so she gets ideas of new homes every day, but she didn’t build one for herself until now. Congrats to her as it was long overdue.