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The benefits of buying a new home

When it comes to moving or buying a first home, many people are faced with the dilemma of old versus new.
A serious question posed by most homeowners is which one will give them the best value for money – a new or second-hand property.
A ‘used’ home often comes with a lengthy to do list  – like re-decorating, installing a new bathroom or kitchen, replacing carpets and adding energy efficient measures.
However, buying a new home can cut down the cost and also put customers in the driving seat when it comes to those finishing touches – as well as save them a small fortune in domestic repairs.
A fresh start

–      A new home is fresh, bright and clean – untouched by previous owners and their potentially dodgy DIY. Everything is pristine and provides a blank canvas on which to stamp your own style and personality from day one.
The price is right

–      Competitive prices and generous incentives mean a new home is more affordable than you think. Customers also get more for their money as new homes are built to a higher specification than older properties. They have double glazing, central heating and high standards of roof, floor and wall insulation. Many have downstairs cloakrooms and ensuites as well as integrated kitchen appliances and stylish bathrooms.
Greener and cheaper

–      Today’s new homes are built to the latest environmental standards, meaning there are kinder to the planet AND your pocket. Research show they are more energy efficient and generate 60 per cent less carbon dioxide emissions than older homes. This can reduce average utility bills by up to £500 a year. And at Stamford Homes’ Freshney Green development in Grimsby, the latest new homes will benefit from a rainwater recycling feature.
Peace of mind

–      The quality of housebuilding construction and service has grown significantly in recent years and in the case of Stamford Homes, 99 per cent of customers would recommend a friend. As well as a comprehensive customer care service, added peace of mind is provided by the 10 year National House Building Council warranty.
Spoilt for choice

–      There is something for everyone when it comes to new homes. Innovative design, style and prices to suit all budgets can ensure the search for a new home that ticks all the boxes is short-lived. Customers can often select their preferred option from a range of cupboard choices, sanitary ware, tile and floor coverings. 
Stamford Homes sales director Steve Woomble said: “In today’s market place, with so many incentives available, the argument for buying new as opposed to old has never been greater.
“There can be many hidden costs involved in buying a second hand property  – perhaps the central heating system is not as reliable as you were led to believe, or the windows need a lick of paint or even replacing.
“Quality built energy efficient new homes in well chosen locations provide a blank canvas and fresh start whatever a customer’s housing needs.”