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Purpose-built bungalows offer independence to disabled residents in Grimsby

They have been built to the Government’s Code 5 standard for new housing, taking into account high levels of energy efficiency and special features.

The reason for this is that the two-bedroom bungalows are suitable for people with all forms of disability – from minor to total.

User-friendly features built into the design include:

–       a wet room with sanitary ware adaptations and hand rails

–       solar panel roof

–       extra wide access from room to room

–       wheel chair access

–       timber frame with enhanced insulation

–       specially adapted work surfaces and moveable units in the kitchen

–       specially designed oven and hob

–       low level toggle light and other switches to allow easier use

–       triple glazing

–       access to a community garden with raised beds, seating, scented planting and fruit trees.

The state of the art bungalows form part of the overall Freshney Green development, and are due to be handed over to Shoreline Housing Partnership this month, having already been earmarked for occupation.

Stamford Homes sales director Steve Woomble said: “The building of these bungalows has been a huge coup for us, and is further evidence of Freshney Green being a particular inspiring and sustainable new homes development.

“We are delighted to be able to showcase these bungalows, it has been a really exciting part of the build process.”

Technical director Andy Cramer said: “Whilst the whole of the Freshney Green development is being constructed to meet Code level 3, hence exceeding current building regulation requirements, these two bungalows have been enhanced further to meet Code Level 5 which is a further significant improvement to provide energy efficient dwellings, which in conjunction with the wheel chair standards met also provides for the long term needs of any future tenants/owners.”

Shoreline Housing Partnership Freshney Green manager Martin High said: “This is more good news for Freshney Green, these tenants have lived on the estate for a long time, and it is pleasing to see that they will be moving into a custom built bungalow which meets their need, and also be near to other members of their close family.”

At the 2009 What House? Awards Freshney Green was voted top in the Best Joint Venture Scheme category, with judges praising the collaboration between Stamford Homes and Shoreline Housing Partnership.