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‘Home from home’ for moving Telford couple!

Recently retired, the couple loved their 16th century property in the countryside, but felt increasingly isolated and only saw their daughter and granddaughter, Grace (7), once a week. The chance to down size, plus the mod cons of Telford and being able to utilise things like their bus and train pass, all made the move feel right.

Bernie explains: "Easy access to our family, of course, was a major factor too and whilst a few people have raised their eyebrows, we get on so well and knew it would work because we also lead our own lives and do separate things. Grace drops in all the time, which is lovely and we like to pop across for a cuppa and catch up, but there are also times when we don’t even hear them. Mind you, I’m sure that’s down to the excellent soundproofing on these ‘eco’ homes, which are absolutely fantastic.

"We came to look at Jane’s house when they moved in and apart from instantly falling in love with the home itself and the area, it got us thinking about our own future. We could release some equity by selling a home that we were rattling around in and still have a modern four-bedroom executive home with a study and a gorgeous balcony that I’ve always wanted. All our family and all the facilities and amenities we could ever want are on the doorstep too, so it’s a win-win situation for us."

Daughter Jane Davies (married to Richard) adds: "As soon as mum and dad saw our new home they said we could live here ourselves, so I knew it was meant to be. They had a choice of three ‘Lilyhurst’ properties like ours, but then the one next door to us fell through and so we all though why not? They got a very good price because of the current market and it will be a great investment for them, plus I’m delighted they’re right next door. It’s not for everyone, but it definitely has its advantages and we’re all very pleased to be keeping it in the family.

"What attracted us to The Village is the quality of design and the high specification. The architects have got it spot on and it’s like nothing else in the whole of Shropshire, but is still good value for money and very different. With the imaginative use of wood timber and other modern materials, it’s like something you would see in Germany or Holland and we love the amount of glass used and the natural light it allows in.

"With our property being three storey, Grace gets a whole floor to herself and she says it makes her feel like a princess, plus we all like being part of an exciting new community that’s leading the way in the eco stakes. The green initiatives here seem to have struck a chord with all our neighbours, as we all feel we’re doing our little bit for the environment."

The Village is selling consistently well, despite the credit crunch, and it’s in no small part due to the fact that it’s one of only seven UK Millennium communities designed to demonstrate very best practice in social and environmental sustainability.

Every property at The Village has an EcoHomes ‘excellent’ rating and this reduces metered energy consumption and mains water consumption by 20%. And increased circulation areas created by roomier living spaces, high insulation levels and low energy heating systems all contribute to the homes being substantially friendly to the environment, and should see further reduced living costs. The Village is also making a name for itself because residents are able to have their say on how the development is maintained through a pioneering community trust system, which places maintenance decisions in the hands of those who actually live there. There are even schemes in place at the development to encourage greener modes of transport.

Current availability includes two bedroom mews homes with parking space from just £116,995, three bedroom semi detached properties with two parking spaces from only £139,995 and five bedroom three storey homes with garage from just £209,995. Visit The Village on Holyhead Road between 10.00am and 5.00pm daily, telephone 0845 071 8846 or log on to www.bryant.co.uk/thevillage