Planning Minister must tackle public misconceptions about built environment

Nick Boles is advocating developing in unspoilt areas if we are to provide the housing needed for future generations. Currently in the UK about 11 per cent of land is developed, with only a further 2 – 3 per cent of land required to solve the housing shortage.

However, research by SmartNewHomes carried out in September this year, reveals that the public is widely misinformed of development levels in the UK, with 75% of those surveyed grossly overestimating the proportion of land developed in England. Only one fifth (21%) of respondents correctly identified it as being 11%. Nearly half believed it to be three times as much at 30% and a quarter an astonishing six times as much at 70%. Only one in 20 underestimated the proportion of land developed at 5%.

Steven Lees, Director at SmartNewHomes, said:

“With the UK crying out for millions of new homes, it is reassuring to hear that the new Planning Minister intends to tackle the issue head on. Without a sensible level of development over the next few years, an entire generation will only ever aspire to own their own home.”

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